Kit Lipstick 1000

Product numberV3151
Product name Kit Lipstick 1000

Over 1000 molds, two plates for forming, display and forming bar.
Make your own molds to fill your Lipsticks.
Gelatines, frozen strawberry puree, lemon sorbet, dark chocolate bar, dehydrated white egg, flavored cocoa butter, fluorescent mint jelly, etc.

display stand and shaping bar. Fill your molds with jelly, mousse, foie gras, ice cream or sorbet, chocolates and cocoa butter, dehydrated products, caramel custard, etc.

1.- Cut regular acetate strips about 5 cm long
2.- Envelop them around the thin part of the shaping bar, tighten with your fingers and hold the joint with a piece of tape.
3.- Remove the cylinder from the bar and fit it inside one of the shaping molds. Once the molding is finished, fill the cylinders.
4.- Once they have set, cut the tape and fit its contents in your Lipstick
5.- Cut the tip at a 45º angle with a cutter to simulate an ordinary lipstick’s shape.

Made In Spain
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$86.00 > $63.00(GST Excluded)