SF192 - TRUFFLES 120

Product number36.192.87.0065
Product name SF192 - TRUFFLES 120

Unique and perfect truffles Truffles thanks to the mold that allows to create elegant 8 portions by volume of 117 ml by dusting with cocoa, icing or cover with the crisp. Each cavity is provided with a special and innovative edging, designed to impart to the preparations a particular rounded shape at the base and which, at the same time, it facilitates the step of smodellamento. The mold, resistant to temperatures between -60 ° C and + 230 ° C, is suitable to be used both in the oven which in the blast chiller and can be coupled to the mold to achieve Mini Truffles truffles with a heart to explore.
Measurements Ø 62 h 52 mm
Volume 8x117 ml Tot. 936 ml

Made In Italy
Min. Quantity
Price Per Unit
$41.00 > $29.90(GST Excluded)